• How do I find the tests that CAHFS offers and how much do they cost?
  • Visit our  LAB TESTS & FEES page to search specific tests.

    A list of frequently requested tests for Beef, Dairy cattle, Alpaca/llama, Horses, Pigs, Poultry, and Sheep/Goats, is available by clicking on the specific species.

  • How do I find test panels?
  • For information regarding available TEST PANELS (group of tests often offered at a price discount) go to Diagnostic Tests and use the Panels filter option.
  • What is the difference between in-state fees and out-of-state fees?
  • In-State fees are for animals located in the state of California at the time of testing. Out-of-state fees are typically double the in-state fee listed.
  • Where can I find the test requirements for exporting animals to another country?
  • Visit to the United States Department of Agriculture Animal Health and Plant Inspection Services’ website for up to date information about international health certificate requirements.
  • Where can I find the test requirements for shipping livestock to another state?
  • Visit the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s website for up to date information about health certificate requirements.
  • What does CAHFS standard necropsy fee include?
  • CAHFS standard necropsy fee includes gross examination, histopathology, and except where indicated, most ancillary tests that are warranted based on the necropsy.
  • Do the fees listed apply to research or insurance necropsies?
  • Fees listed do not apply for research projects or insurance necropsies. For a quote or additional questions, please contact any CAHFS laboratory or phone (530) 752-4613 during normal business hours.
  • Does CAHFS return animal remains or perform cosmetic necropsies?
  • For health and safety reasons, CAHFS does not return animal remains to clients.
  • What do the MIC interpretations on my report mean?
  • See guideline document.