• Preliminary results will be faxed within 10 working days of receipt of sample
  • Confirmatory results, if required, may incur additional fees and require your approval
  • Confirmation results will be reported within 30 working days after approval is provided
  • Under no circumstances is EACL testing to be used to provide certification of a product or certify the health status of an animal
  • Invoices for testing performed by EACL will be provided USPS mail; payment is due within 30 days of invoice date



In-State Fee*

Out-of-State Fee**

Anabolic Steroid Pre-Race Testing Chemistry $150 $250
Anabolic Steroids - Sales Testing Chemistry $250 $500
Consulting Fee - Legal Chemistry $350/hr $350/hr
Consulting Fee - Non-legal Chemistry $250/hr $250/hr
Evidence Chemistry n/a $500
Hair Sample Analysis - Individual Chemistry $400 $400
Method Validation Chemistry $5,000 $10,000
NSAIDS Chemistry $50 $100
Nutritional Analysis Chemistry $420 $420
Nutritional Supplement Testing Pharmacology $250 $250
Performance Horse Testing Chemistry n/a $175
pK Analysis Pharmacology $35 $60
Pre-Purchase Drug Screen Chemistry $150 $175
Split Sample Analysis - Fluixin, Ketoprofen, Phenylbutazone Chemistry n/a $500
Split Sample Analysis - other Chemistry n/a $1,250
TCO2 Split Sample Analysis Chemistry n/a $200
TOBA Protocol Testing- Blood & Urine Chemistry $250 $325

*Submitter is located in California.  **Submitter is located in any state other than California or anywhere outside the U.S.