The CAHFS Virology service provides virus isolation for identification of new and emerging viruses. Virus isolation is available to determine presence of live infectious agents, monitor viruses for genetic changes, and meet testing requirements for animals being exported to other countries.

CAHFS offers:

  • Veterinary virologist with a special commitment to test development and assay validation, often working at the national level to improve diagnostic virology and molecular diagnostics; available for consultation and test interpretation.
  • Experienced and qualified technicians proficient in all testing areas
  • Specific primary and continuous cell line cultures and pathogen-free embryonated eggs maintained for virus isolation
  • Mammalian and Avian virology diagnostics including various detection and identification assays.
  • Electron microscopy methods available to help identify viruses and contaminating agents.
  • Production of characterized standards and reference material, which is the foundation for development and implementation of new diagnostic assays.

Visit the Lab Tests & Fees page for details on virology services.

Samples submitted to any CAHFS laboratory will be routed to the appropriate CAHFS testing laboratory