Specimen Shipping

There are numerous commercial delivery services available for submitting specimens to CAHFS laboratories.



CAHFS has contracted commercial service with FedEx for packages under 40 lbs. Currently, clients receive a significant discount by using the University of California, Davis FedEX account number.  CAHFS will subsequently bill clients for these courier fees. Rates are subject to change without notification.  For shipping information and the University's FedEx account number, call any CAHFS laboratory during normal business hours. Please note that this account can only be used for shipments to CAHFS laboratories.

Important items on FedEx form when using the University Account:

  • Request STANDARD OVERNIGHT (arrival is the next afternoon) or PRIORITY OVERNIGHT (next morning). Do Not use "First Overnight"
  • On Bill-To section, RECIPIENT box needs to be checked (NOT Third Party) and the University Account number entered on the FedEx Acct No line provided.
  • If requesting Saturday delivery to the Davis laboratory, please note:
    • PRIORITY SATURDAY DELIVERY must be requested and
    • NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED selected for driver to deliver packages on a Saturday.
Instructions for packaging, marking, and labeling Biological Substance, Category B (UN 3373) shipments for FedEx Express®; services can be found by clicking on the following link - Packaging UN 3373 Shipments.  A printable shipping label for Biological Substances Category B can be found in the Downloads section below.

Note: The packaging brochure is provided by FedEx to customers to help reduce loss or damage due to improper packaging. It is NOT intended to be a comprehensive guide for packaging items we accept for transit. We make no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding this information.

Golden State Overnight





Peninsula Messenger Service

Fresno (559) 294-7197, Bakersfield (661) 325-0246, Visalia (559) 734-6328



Infectious/Biological Substances and Medical, Clinical or Regulated Waste Under IATA 3.6.2. Category A: Infectious Substance, Category A refers to infectious substance known to contain or suspected of containing a pathogen. UPS offers to carry Infectious Substances, subject to the conditions specified below.

UPS:Biological Substances

US Mail



Due to delivery delays, the Davis and Turlock laboratories discourage sending samples via U.S. Priority Mail Service.

Non-perishable specimens may be sent by regular mail service. 

Call the destination laboratory for shipping information.