Specimen Shipping

There are numerous commercial delivery services available for submitting specimens to CAHFS laboratories. FedEx (800)463-3339

CAHFS has contracted commercial service with FedEx for packages under 40 lbs. Currently, clients receive a significant discount by using the University of California, Davis FedEX account number.  CAHFS will subsequently bill clients for these courier fees.

Packaging Guidelines

Several inexpensive options exist for packing your laboratory samples in a manner that guarantees your specimens will arrive in optimal condition for testing. CAHFS receives many samples that are needlessly destroyed or made unsuitable for testing because of poor packaging.

The most common specimen/sample packing problems can be prevented with these simple guidelines:

Submit Specimens

A completed Specimen Submission form must accompany specimens and helps us provide you with the best diagnostic services. A Client's Guide to Submitting to CAHFS is available below under downloads.

Missing information can delay testing and reporting of results.