The CAHFS Serology/Immunology service offers a variety of test methods to evaluate antibody responses to infectious agents or vaccination. Tests are available to determine exposure to diseases, monitor herd or flock health or meet requirements for sales, show, interstate movement and export.

CAHFS offers:

  • Veterinary epidemiologist for consultation on test method recommendations, result interpretation, statistical analysis, and sampling strategies
  • Experienced and dedicated technical staff are nationally recognized for providing accurate and reliable test results
  • Approved tests for export of livestock and poultry (Be sure to provide the required test methods and date the animals are expected to travel with your submission)


Visit the Lab Tests & Fees page to search for specific serology tests, turnaround times and locations where services are performed.

 Samples required: Most serologic tests require sterile, non-hemolyzed serum. Please collect blood aseptically in red top  tubes and protect from extreme temperatures. Store refrigerated (no more than 2-3 days) until transporting to CAHFS. If longer storage is required, the serum can be removed from the clot and frozen.

Visit the Shipping/Submission page for submission forms, packaging and shipping instructions.